When taking your little one to school for the very first time, there are many factors to consider. You want a preschool that will enhance their skills in school and also in real life. Basic skills include listening, reading, discipline and even speaking among others. It must be better for them to be in school than at home. Being in Singapore as an expatriate does not mean that your kids will not learn the curriculum in your country of origin. The education program in the international schools gives the kids this chance. There are local schools with a local education program that you can also choose from.

What Are The Factors to Consider?

When looking for a Singapore preschool for your little one, there are many factors to consider. Despite the preschool being for 3 years and targeting kids between 3 to 6 years, it is important that you consider the education program, teacher’s qualifications, the environment, certification and safety. Remember that the kid needs an enriching program to develop his or her skills without much pressure.

Enquire About the Education Program

Your kids need a balanced curriculum, considering they are just starting school. Total development is the most important milestone, which starts from mental, social, physical to emotional. Being in school is not all about writing and reading but also about skills that involve real life. Due to the difference in systems, you will need to consult with the school.

Consider Your Child’s Safety

Safety comes first and when planning to enrol a child into a Singapore preschool , consider the safety of the environment. This is where your child will be spending quality time, and thus the environment has to be conducive. Visiting the school is the best way to have first-hand information. Check the surroundings, the washrooms, the playground and even the building. It will give you peace of mind, knowing your little one is safe.

The Certification and the Qualifications of the Teachers

For a child to develop in all aspects in the right way, the teachers must be professionally qualified. Check the certifications of the teachers since they have a great impact on how your little one develops. Enquire if they are already registered.

Check Whether the School Is Registered

You do not want to enrol your kid in a backstreet school, and that is why a good Singapore preschool is registered. In every country, a school must be recognised by the concerned body such as the Ministry of Education. Before enrolling your child, enquire about the certifications of the school to understand and be comfortable with its legal status. If the school is not registered, you will be wasting your money and your child’s time.